Rain Gardens are water saving gardens designed to capture rainwater from hard surfaces such as patios, driveways and roofs

Rain Gardens benefit the environment by preventing pollution from flowing into creeks, rivers and lakes.   Pollution such as nitrogen and phosphorous is slowly flitered through the many layers of sand beneath the rain garden. 

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There are many benefit to having a rain garden:

  • Rain gardens are self watering and east to maintain
  • Help reduce flooding on your property
  • Look nice and have a function
  • Make a difference to the environment by reducing pollution from entering into our waterways.

Contact us for more information about grants and funding projects specifically for rain gardens and to find out if a rain garden would work for your property. 

Is a rain garden right for you?

As rain rolls off this roof and down the downspout  it flows into the dry creek bed.  Water is slowly absorbed into the sandy soil underneath  as it flows down the gentle sloop. 


Native Plants

Native plants attract butterflies, hummingbirds and many insects to your garden.   Their long roots make them drought tolerant, requiring minimal to zero watering.   They can withstand heavy rain falls and large amounts of water making them the perfect plant for a rain garden.   Native plants are easy to maintain once established.